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This page describe activities as well as the services we have and continue to provide to the community.

We believe our years of experience within the field of environmental optics, monitoring and research; marine optics; image analysis & synthetic image generation; modeling; instrumentation design, development and mission activites will help describe our focus and help you to determine if we can assist you with your goals, objectives & needs - now or in the future.

Contact Dr. Bostater for selected services and rates:

Instrument RadianceCalibrations : 
Hyperspectral Wavelength Calib. :
Long-Pathlength Abs. Spectroscopy : 
Differential Reflectance Spect. 
Hyperspectral Derivative Based
Optimal Channel & Band Selection :
Aerial Phtograpghy:
Hyperspectral, HD Digital Video, Digital
Imagery, Photogrametric Mapping Cameras,
Scanning of Aerial Photos & Negatives
prices based
on tIming
& needs

Many of the services we offer require us to see your specific needs in order to quote a price.

Please call us at (321) 258-9134 for a written estimate or for more details.

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