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Bostater, C., Brooks, D., 2013, Operational Multi-Angle Hyperspectral Sensing for Feature Detection, SPIE Vol. 8888, pp. 88880C-1 to 12.

click here to download the above paper

In the above paper, we use large linear goniometer calibration targets that can be printed to various sizes (default size at 100% PDF view). You can download it and use it. Please reference the targets if you use them: (Bostater and Brooks, 2013 - see above SPIE paper) for the reference and the description of our uses.

Click to download International Hyperspectral Calibration Target From Above Paper

Linear Grey Target for Linear Translation Imaging Goniometer for Multi-angle Hyperspectral Camera.

Click Here to Download Grey Contrast Calibration File

 Nyquist Line Targets

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Invited Paper (Paper and Oil Spill Biogeographical Movie Below:

Potential impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on large pelagic fishesby Torres-Frias, S. and Bostater, C., 2011

Deepwater Oil Spill Extent(Torres-Frias, Bostater)

Click See Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Surface Oil Detected by Satellite Imagery (reference our paper above)

Pelagic Fish Paper Download

Dr. Charles Bostater