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Estuarine Fluid Mud Flux Using Custom SONDES

Fluid Mud Flux
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Measurements of particles and flocs (muck and fluid mud) movement in & around dredging sites using directional mass flux (mg cm-2 sec-1) instrument probes and particle velocimetry, airborne and bottom hyperspectral images & spectra. Transect and station data.


See image below for selected muck and fluid mud probes and in-situ BRF targets designed by Bostater, during Spring of 2014).

July 12 Slide 1
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Reviewed publication for SONDES and their use during the spring and summer of 2014:

Bostater, C., Yang, B., 2014, Shallow Water Surface Gravity Wave Imaging, Spectra and Their Use in Shallow Water Dredging Operations,, SPIE, Vol. 9240, pp. 92400k1-9.

Custom mass flux horizontal & vertical probes
Probes & In-Situ Hyperspectral Targets (Bostater, 2014)

Settled Fluid Mud

Settled Fluid Mud.

Click here to see a movie of fluid mud.

Click Here to see a movie of the mud movement collected from a SONDE.

Dr. Charles Bostater